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Ladies and gentlemen.

Fast growing company “Dieselcomplect” LTD, Saint-Petersburg deals with diesel fuel gear supply, delivery and maintenance. We are looking for a partnership with foreign companies to establish an ongoing business relationship.
Our company’s strategy focuses on complex solutions ranging from all the issues of maintenance, producing and supply of spare parts for diesel fuel gear, to producing and delivery of diagnostic and repairing equipment for fuel gear itself.

  1. We are ready to arrange supply, delivery and promotion of your output in Russia. Various forms of cooperation are possible. We can become your business representative, dealer or we can branch your company out in our country.
  2. We are open to consider any business proposals on intermediate and post intermediate maintenance of fuel gear and equipment imported to Russia on the basis of our enterprise. We possess a high tech workshop for producing and restoration of sensitive diesel fuel gear units and articles of precision engineering.
  3. We are ready to export test benches under trademark of SDT for testing fuel injection diesel pumps. These benches are produced by industrial complex of bench-top equipment in Moscow. The benches can easily compete with widely known manufactures in terms of price and quality and cover the whole range of diesel fuel gear for cars, tractors and small water-crafts. All benches are certificated under government standard of Russian Federation.

Having business relationship with our company is profitable because of the following reasons:

  1. We possess a long-term business experience in Russia.
  2. We work countrywide, from Moscow to Vladivostok.
  3. We have expert technicians in diesel fuel gear field.
  4. Large experience in promotion trade articles from the scratch.
  5. We are located in Saint Petersburg - the strategically important center of Russia that influences the economic development greatly.


The highest standards of business ethic are guaranteed.

You can get the additional information and all the details at the following address:
195196, Tallinskaya 7 ”A”, Saint Petersburg.
Tel / Fax +7 (812) 445-21-69, +7 (812) 444-71-83
E-mail: market05@bk.ru      http://www.dta-auto.ru